Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This is a support blog for the Attikos Greek Reader that is available in the App Store for the iPad. Post your comments and questions.


  1. The developer can also be reached by email at attikos.app@gmail.com

  2. A couple quick thoughts/suggestions.

    When one has parsed a word, nothing in the popup window can be selected, so that it can then be cut & pasted into a note/flashcard/whatever. Changing that text to be selectable should be easy (I hope!) and very helpful. It's very useful that the popup text in BibleReader can be selected, including the short definitions and longer ones.

    Note that doing this makes it much easier to get by without notes/highlighting which is *internal* to the app.

    Other things I'd love:

    1) Additional texts, especially the Odyssey.
    2) Full integration of Liddell-Scott, for offline use (I'd pay the 150 or whatever it would take to include a full, current Liddell-Scott, fyi).
    3) Maybe experiment with a different font? The one you're using is readable, but the one in Biblereader, for instance, is certainly better.

    Excellent app!

  3. Hey Adam,

    The next version will accommodate a lot of your requests.

    With copying from the parse box made possible, at least you will be able to copy a lemma over to a dictionary app available separately --not what you asked for, but at least you can use an outofdate LSJ / Autenrieth that way.

    For future reference, can you find out the name of free iOS fonts that you like better for Greek?

  4. Hello, i relaise this blog and the last versionof the Attikos app are now several years old, but my studies of ancient Greek have been made far easier with this brilliant app. There are however a number of small bugs in the parsing tool and the soft keyboard and I wondered if there was to be any follow up to the app that might correct these small but niggling issues? Otherewise I have nothing but praise for the app, which has saved many an assignment for me! Thanks JJP