The texts included in this release were originally produced by the Perseus Project at Tufts University. They are available for viewing and download at under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license. The version of the texts used in the app, and the morphological data associated with them are those developed at The University of Chicago on the basis of Perseus Project data, for which the primary website is Perseus under PhiloLogic, Morphological disambiguation was done at Chicago, but incorporates work by Martin Mueller (Homer), Francesco Mambrini (Aeschylus), and Daniel Libatique (Sophocles Ajax).
All links to lexical entries are also available online at Logeion, Thanks to Helma Dik and the ARTFL project at The University of Chicago for making all of the aforementioned resources available, but also for all of the Greek handouts that are included in this release. These handouts and more can also be downloaded at Finally, credit to Helma Dik, Peter Leonard, and Fritz Anderson at The University of Chicago for their suggestions and support, and Sam Coons for the App Icon. 

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